Sunday, January 4, 2009

Seeing - Part 2

I'm going to apologize up front. I'm about to break one of my self-imposed rules for this blog. I'm thinkin' I may be about to get preachy. If you do not want to hear me get mental judgmental, BACK AWAY FROM THE BLOG.


Wanting to See

I was on my way to work one summer morning. The weather was threatening. There was heavy, dark cloud cover in one direction and sunshine in the other. A light rain had begun. With weather conditions like this, I start looking around. Looking, looking, looking, SEEING. A rainbow. A double-rainbow! Horizon to horizon. Wow. It was really magnificent. Luckily, I was on a major road with a large shoulder. I was able to pull over safely and I got off the road. Click. Not a great shot (because of my location and random clutter), but a great rainbow nonetheless. I took it in and savored it.

In the five minutes I was along the roadside, well-clear of any traffic, I had three people honk at me and many others look at me like I was a crazy.....or worse. I suspect they were wondering what I could possibly be doing by the side of the road that could be of any value. I swear they never saw the rainbow. How could they not? Maybe they didn't care to see it. Maybe they had seen a double-rainbow before...and one was enough.

Are we really THAT detached? Have we forgotten that we live on a planet? A living, churning, giant ball of wonder? A gift from God.

Sadly, we have more important things to pay attention to. Drive-time has become all about cell phones, texting, satellite radio, GPS, coffee, soda pop (me), breakfast sandwiches, or several of the above simultaneously. I fall into the trap, too.

Seeing - Ya gotta want it. For heaven's sake, let's shut down the distractions and get out there to see. It is a gift from God. All we have to do is grab the gift and unwrap it. 'Tis the season.....

"You are never alone if you remember what you see."

~ Vincent Van Gogh


Next post: Seeing - Part 3

...and then I'll shut up about it. - D2


Ron said...

This is the best post you've had yet! Please keep preaching! It's your blog, your pictures, and you know what, you are an established photographer that people look up to, so you have every right to preach! And we will listen!

Awesome shot! I get honked at all the time, especially when I'm in developing countries. Then after a few minutes a crowd assembles around my camera, they peek over my shoulder and see what I'm shooting...then they look up and say "wow, that is nice" as if they too were a foreigner.

In north American and the developed world its ten times worse! Like you said, we are too distracted when thing are there for us to see for FREE. But we'd rather pay $20 to see something fictional at a theater.

Looking forward to #3.


Jay said...

This was great.

And hey, I'm a preacher's daughter... so keep preachin'. It's nothing new to me. :)

I saw a duble rainbow once. ONCE. It was one of those moments that I'll never forget... to make it even better, it was on my daughter's first birthday. I got a great shot of it... somewhere. I will have to pull that up.

---and you are so so so right. I live in south Georgia, and I am sure that there are things that you see that I never will. However,there are so many things here that are So breathtaking. It's nice to be reminded to stop and take them in.

good post. great shot.

preach on.

SearchingSoul said...

I am speechless but my eyes are wide open and my mind is wanting for more posts from you.

Very beautiful!

Continue preaching, please.

Anonymous said...

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