Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Good Day

One thing is for sure. When you’re a kid and have really dirty feet, you’ve had a good day. It’s a natural law of the universe. I’m not sure what happened prior to this footprint landing on the wall, but you can bet it was all good.

As a parent and photographer, finding a dirty footprint on the wall requires prioritization. What is my first priority? Get the shot. Second priority? Get the perpetrator.


Ron said...

When I was a kid, getting my footprint on the wall meant me recieving a shot of a different kind...the whip!!!

Dan Denardo said...

Thanks for reminding me. I guess I got a similar shot, now that you mention it.

Geek Girl said...

This is pure art. I see a leg bone and a knee joing and a femur. Do you see it too? It looks like a stomping skeleton.

Artistic expression, how do you scold for that? It just needs to be redirected to a new canvas....... one that's not drywall =)