Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tree of Life - Part 2


Geek Girl said...

Of the two tree shots you posted, I like this one the best. I would have thought I would have gone for the one with the purple and orange sunset, but I gravitate to this one.

I wondered why that was. I think it is effect you used. What lens is this?

The effect invokes thoughts of the pictures I've seen taken of earth from outer space (especially with the swirly clouds and curve). It makes me feel so tiny and reminds me of how big the world is out there.

All that by showing a tree from an angle I don't see it from everyday......but that's what photography is about.

Dan Denardo said...

Dawn, I shot this with a 10.5mm fisheye...and I was shooting up toward the tree to eliminate as much ground as possible. I wanted mostly sky since the clouds were so dramatic. Your comment about how the world can make you feel tiny is interesting. I have a similar feeling with a different twist. I love seeing things that remind me that I live on a planet. It seems to me that many people never think about that.