Friday, November 7, 2008

Pure Joy

This day was the first day Kenny ever had a hammer in his hand. He was ecstatic. Did I mention he was ecstatic? When a young boy has a hammer in his hand, he instinctively starts looking for a nail. Kenny was no exception.

My father got us enough kits from Home Depot to fill a suitcase and we carried them to Jamaica for the children. When constructed, the kits would be little wooden flower pots. Kenny needed to pound in a grand total of four nails to build his flower pot. He whacked a couple of my fingers in the process, but I knew going in that my fingers could be the victim of friendly-fire. I just needed to deal with it.

Kenny's flower pot began taking shape. Each time he finished pounding in a nail, he would raise his arms in victory and would shout, “Yeesss! Four times he shouted, “Yeesss!” He had the time of his life.

Was it worth me having a sore finger or two? Yeesss! My fingers never hurt better.


Ron said...

Hah! Awesome! He's better with a hammer than I am. Last time I had a hammer, I was trying to get a tape out of my DVCam deck at work...engineers hide hammers from me now.

Geek Girl said...

I love this post. He looks so happy. Next time you guys are going to have to bring more nails... well, that might not be the best idea. I'm sure 4 was a good number when holding the nail for first time hammer wielders! How about the electric screw driver? =)