Sunday, November 30, 2008

Old Color

For my eye, it’s hard to beat what I call “old color”. Old color reveals history and character.

The morning I shot this, I had a nice chat with the farmer. He told me something I would have never believed had I not talked to him in-person. Back in the 1930’s, this barn lived in the country. The country, however, evolved over decades to become a busy city intersection. This barn was disassembled board by board, transported to this location (5 miles) and reassembled board by board. It lives in the country again. I think it’s a magnificent structure and a great example of old color.

I’ll be posting more images of these American classics in the coming weeks. Barns as we know them today are on my endangered species list. Structures like this will very likely be gone in a generation or two. Look around. Many wooden barns are becoming American ruins.


Ron said...

Man, I jus became your biggset fan! I am a HUGE fan of barns!! I swear if I ever win the lottery I'd put a big red barn in my backyard!! I'm dead serious!

Dan Denardo said...

Ha ha! Great minds think alike! I think wooden barns are magnificent. It's a shame that they go largely ignored...and waste away into a pile of ruin. I realize there is a cost to keeping them intact and I see only one side of the story. In any case, I think it's a shame that the barns I knew as a kid will likely be gone in my son's lifetime.

Ben said...

Awesome photo! Dawn and I plan to build a smaller barn on 'the compound' once we finally get our land. It'll be more for entertaining with guest rooms in the loft, but we really love the charm of old barns.

Is this an HDR shot? The colors really pop on this and I love the hay bales in the foreground.

Dan Denardo said...

Ben, you have a good eye. Yes, I would have to say this image has HDR influences. Technically, it's not what most experts would consider HDR, because I did not merge multiple files. I did it with one file, but gave it a lot of "fill light" and mid-tone contrast that gives it the HDR look that you noticed.