Friday, November 21, 2008

The New Math

How many times have we heard "it's not about the money"? Will we ever begin believing it?

Every worldly possession these children own fits in one suitcase tucked neatly under their bed. That's it. Their cricket bat is made from discarded lumber...and it practically weighs as much as they do. Their ball isn't nearly as nice as what our dog has. They look terribly unhappy, don't they?

What do you say we adopt the new math?

Faith + Love = Happiness.


Ron said...

I was never good at math when I was in school...but this new math you've invented seems practical, VERY practical!

Jay said...

wow. Very true.

Dan Denardo said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it's true isn't it? I need to constantly remind myself of this truth.

All the best to you for an outstanding 2009!