Monday, November 10, 2008

A Little Angel

During one of our walks home from the ice cream store, we noticed a rainbow in the valley between the mountains. It is a common occurrence in the Blue Mountains, yet I cannot leave ANY occurance of a rainbow alone. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen one. I felt compelled to photograph it. I asked Carly if I could take a photo of her with the rainbow over her shoulder. I figured it would be little more than a snapshot. We snapped a few photos and were back on our way.

After a few moments of walking in silence, Carly said to me, “I think rainbows are God’s promise to us that he will help us through the storms.”

Hearing those words caught me totally off guard. I will never forget hearing Carly speak those words. I have replayed them in my head nearly every day since…the words of a little angel.

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chemist said...


Excellent work!! Photographing people has always been hard for me - especially here in the Middle East where people are traditionaly shy of having their picture taken. I guess I just have to "get over" my reluctance to approach someone and simply ask: "May I take your picture?"

Thanks for following my blog and keep up the great work!!

Traveling Chemist