Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For a Friend

I spoke to a good friend yesterday. We talked about working on a project together for a very special organization. We explored ideas for photos that tell a story without necessarily being literal…perhaps without even showing faces.

I love photographs that require us to interpret or contemplate...or that tug at us. Our conversation reminded me that photographs are often at their best when they DON’T tell the whole story…when something is left to our imagination.

Sometimes a picture is "worth a thousand words”, but sometimes when a picture is supplemented by some well-chosen words, it has even more impact or can lead us somewhere we may not have gone with our own imaginations.

It was great talking to you, usual.

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EjG said...

Dan...I'm loving your blog. And I'm not sure if it's the images or the commentary that I enjoy more. I knew you had a gift for photography, but you have an equal gift in writing about it. Please keep them coming.