Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was speaking at a Church a while back, trying to help them raise funds for a mission trip to Jamaica. I showed them photos of children from the orphanage they were about to visit. The photos included an image or two of Jacob. Many people were moved to make donations to help their fellow members. After the service, a woman confronted me and said she would not be donating because the kids were well-dressed and didn’t appear to be in need of anything…including help from her Church. She said what she had to say and before I could respond, she turned around and was gone. I would have liked to tell her that the orphanage makes a point of ensuring that the children are well clothed...that a great deal of effort is made to make the children feel as though they are not orphans.

Can you imagine how fragile their self-esteem might be? Their parents are not in the picture…they may feel abandoned. I know how hard it is to build self-esteem in a two-parent family...


Jay said...

Aren't people like this the downfall of our society? I think so, anyway.

Growing up in a family where I am the youngest of 5 adopted children, people like this grate my nerves like no other. Self esteem is something so hard to conjure, even in a home with two loving parents... even in children who want for nothing.

This child is beautiful, I would love to help with your mission -- as I am sure my church would as well.

Dan Denardo said...

Jay, to say I was shocked by this woman's statement (about the children appearing to not need donations) is an understatement. It caught me totally off guard...especially since I was invited by her Church to speak. Oh well, I suppose it amounts to an equation -- if you put 200 people in a room, a couple are going to be off the hook in some way, shape, or form.