Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ice Cream Store

During a visit to the City of Refuge, it was suggested that Kay and I take some of the boys to the ice cream store. It sounded like fun. It was a ten-minute walk down the mountain. The "ice cream store" ended up being little more than a tar-paper shack with an ice chest. I don't believe there was any electricity. The only light was light that filtered through doorways on either side of the shack. Do you remember the little plastic ice cream cups that came with a flat wooden spoon? When the boys received theirs, they were over the moon.

After thanking us profusely, the boys spontaneously grabbed one another by the hand and headed for home. They could not have been happier…nor could I.

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Ron said...

love this pic! Being here in Ghana makes this pic even have more meaning ...